DEBETEK GmbH was founded in 2010 by owners Richard, Gudrun and Daniel Hipp. The DEBETEK Air Purification Hygiene System is an innovative, patented brand product from the company DEBETEK GmbH. The DEBETEK Air Purification Hygiene System was developed with a view to protecting our most valuable asset - the health of humans, animals and the environment.

First came the idea of lasting hygiene protection, combining efficiency, environmental protection and health safety, designed to neutralise germs and impurities in ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Difficult-to-access and complex air duct systems in buildings were at the forefront of this objective. At the same time, the air purification system was conceived as a means of reducing unpleasant odours as well as purifying and improving the air in indoor areas. 

Even as early as 2009, when the first prototype was developed, an approx. 90% overall reduction in the total bacterial count was achieved in operational ventilation systems and the interior areas connected to these. These results were compiled by means of regular follow-up visits in the subsequent weeks, months and years. Furthermore, evidence from practical use in subsequent years has shown that oxygen activation improves indoor air quality, thus creating a more pleasant and fresh indoor climate. Over the years, DEBETEK system operators have reported a positive impact on their operational and work climate thanks to the DEBETEK Air Purification Hygiene System and its associated oxygen-activating air freshening. 

Twenty-two different HVAC, air-conditioning and ventilation systems and the interior areas connected to these were tested for germs present in daily operations over the course of seven years. As part of regular microbiological preliminary and follow-up investigations, operators of the system as well as external hygiene experts and hygiene institutes have taken and analysed more than one thousand and four hundred samples. During this in-operation phase, the DEBETEK Air Purification Hygiene System was subjected to extensive testing, adaptations and optimisation. The analysed results can be reviewed in table format under the ‘in-operation findings’ section.

So far, areas in which the DEBETEK Air Purification Hygiene System is used include office buildings, health facilities and care institutions, the food industry, the hotel trade and various other sectors. DEBETEK’s customers, its distribution partners and those investing in the DEBETEK Air Purification Hygiene System are primarily standard-setting companies and organisations that place a great deal of importance on creating a pleasant atmosphere and positive mood in their offices, value the well-being of their staff, guests and customers and who attach equal importance to cleanliness, purity and top-quality products.

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DEBETEK Air Purification Hygiene System
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