Microbiological pre- and post-examinations

Reduction of germ load in rooms and ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Untersuchungsergebnisse DEBETEK

Samples taken from surfaces
20 ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC systems) as well as the surfaces of the connected rooms have been examined

HVAC systems
Component chambers,  filters, and installation parts

Duct systems
External air ducts, supply air ducts, circulating air ducts, and exhaust air ducts

G4, F5, F7, F9, Hepa 13, and supply air outlets

Room surfaces, room air, and utility items

Patents and Applications:

DEBETEK Air Purification Hygiene System
Patent USA: U. S. Pat. No. 8,459,050
Patent China: Patent No.: ZL 2010 1 0282428.1
Utility model Germany: No. 202010005686.1
Patent application Germany: No. DE 102010020508A1
Patent application India: No. 2494 / MUM / 201094

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