DEBETEK Two-Fluid Nozzle System for rooms without a HVAC system

For rooms which are not equipped with a HVAC system, a DEBETEK Two-Fluid Nozzle System was developed. DEBETEK Two-Fluid Nozzle System is perfectly suited for rooms which are equipped with air circulation coolers. In this solution, DEBETEK Air Cleanser is being sucked in by the air ow. The active agent, which has been dispersed into the existing air ow, cleans the vaporizer and the slats – which usually are difficult to access – and eliminates the germs on their surfaces. When active oxygen comes in contact with biological contamination, it reacts with an oxidation.

This leads to oxygen activation and, as a result, DEBETEK Air Cleanser decomposes into water and oxygen without leaving any residues. This reaction has no environmental impact. Up to 9 two- uid nozzle systems can be installed together with one DEBETEK Hygiene System.

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DEBETEK Air Purification Hygiene System
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