The DeBeTek RLT Hygiene system in operation

DEBETEK System is connected to a ventilation system which services two different zone areas. DEBETEK Nozzle Systems, which are connected to the DEBETEK System, are mounted to the outdoor and supply air ducts of the ventilation system. Through the blue tube, DEBETEK Air Cleanser is being injected in the existing airflow.

This innovative DEBETEK procedure does not pose any harm to the human health or the environment. Biological contamination, germs, bacteria, viruses, particles, and odors are decomposed and eliminated. Active oxygen decomposes in water and oxygen and thus does not leave any residues. Only a few milliliter of atomized active oxygen are periodically being injected into the ventilation system and the supply airflow. The dosage of DEBETEK Air Cleanser is adapted to the size of the rooms on the basis of breathing air in m 3 . With a concentration of approximately 1 μg/m3 breathing air which lies below the detection limit of < 8.3 μg/m³ , the indoor air levels of DEBETEK Air Cleanser (H2O2) are about700 times lower than the occupational exposure limit which is regarded as harmless.

The hygiene in ventilation ducts and in the connected interior rooms is being improved in a highly efficient way. This leads to a permanently low germ count in all areas without the need to interrupt the daily workflow. Furthermore, the quality of room air is being demonstrably improved which provides for a more pleasant indoor climate.


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DEBETEK Air Purification Hygiene System
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